La Casa de Don Tomás
Calle Tocopilla s/n
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
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Since this is a high-altitude desert area, with lots of sunshine, precautions should be taken to make sure you enjoy your outings:

  1. The town of San Pedro is located about 2,400 meters above sea level.Excursions will take place around this altitude and even up to 4,300 meters above sea level (Tatio and Altiplanic lagoons).
  2. Drink lots of liquid, preferably water, regardless of whether you are thirsty or not.
  3. Everyone knows how sensitive his/her own skin is to sun exposure, but we recommend you always carry sunscreen and lip balm with sunblock that provide the necessary level of protection for your skin.
  4. Good sunglasses to protect your eyes. A good hat is also essential.
  5. Summer temperatures are hot during the day, an average maximum of 30º Celsius, and 14º Celsius at night. In winter, the average maximum is 20º Celsius during the day, and temperatures can drop below 0º Celsius at night. On outings in the highlands, particularly to the Tatio Geysers, which always take place at dawn, temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius. Warm clothing has to be included to cover this wide range. The best approach is the "onion" technique, with several layers, none very thick. (The ideal is to wear a windbreaker and a fleece jacket over regular clothing.) In the winter, for highland outings, cotton underwear is helpful.
  6. A good pair of shoes for walking, ideally hiking boots, and if possible, a pair of light shoes for walking in town and leisure. 
  7. Bring a bathing suit for the trip to the Geysers and the Puritama Hot Springs.
  8. The relative humidity in the air is always very low. If you skin is sensitive to this condition, bring plenty of moisturizers with you, especially lip balm.


Follow these simple recommendations and enjoy your stay in the magical Atacama Desert.