La Casa de Don Tomás
Calle Tocopilla s/n
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
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Tour rates do not include admission fees to National Parks. Some of the prices are: Los Flamencos National Park CLP$ 2000, Tulor CLP$ 2000, Pukara de Quitor CLP$ 2000, Valley of the Moon CLP$ 2000, Valley of Jerez CLP$ 1000, Tatio Geysers CLP$ 3500, Altiplanic Lagoons CLP$ 2000, G. Le Paige Museum CLP$ 2000.

Most tours do not require advance reservations. Daily tours are scheduled to the most popular destinations. Tourist agencies are also located very close to one another in town.

This information is only provided as a guide for our guests and is not to be considered a recommendation.

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This information is provided only as a guide to our guests and does not constitute a recommendation.

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